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Thread: Books Ireland Magazine

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    Default Books Ireland Magazine

    Does anyone else read this publication? The current issue
    has some interesting articles, including one by Roy Johnston
    on the Civil Rights movement in NI.

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    Default Interesting indeed . . . . but tamed

    For years I was the main poetry reviewer with Books Ireland. I endeavoured throughout that time to make my pieces interesting and topical. I was eventually told that I could no longer editorialise. I suspected, but could never prove, that publishers (and even The Arts Council, which supports the magazine) were not happy with what I wrote. In this context it should be noted that, under the excellent editorship of the writer, Kevin Kiely, a new writing section had been going for some time until the Arts Council inexplicably objected to it and it was killed off.
    I wrote on, until I was informed that a complaint had been lodged (nothing legal, mind) of such eminence that it had frightened the editor. I was removed from my post and the details of that letter were never revealed to me, in spite of various entreaties, though the author's name was. The Irish Daily Mail covered the story at the time. That such dark business goes on in the literary world should surprise no one. But I remember a different, more vibrant magazine. More courageous, too. But my experience has rather tainted my view.

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    That such dark business goes on in the literary world should surprise no one.

    It doesn't - they are b1tches of the first order.

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    The new Books Ireland, now published by Wordwell Press, will be launched on Tuesday evening, March 4th 2014, at Dubray Bookshop, Grafton Street, Dublin at 6.30pm, with the first issue for March/April ...

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