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Thread: Is the proposed 3% EU tax on online ads and other online revenues reasonable?

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    Royalties on patents 'lodged' in Ireland are tax free. So how does one 'lodge' one's patents in Ireland?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumpy Talbot View Post
    The investors in Royalty Pharma and Royalty Pharma aren't paying any tax at all because the vehicle they are registered to in Ireland is exempt from corporation tax.

    That's the reason why this company registered the Unit Trust Private Company.

    And quite apart from that no corporation in Ireland pays 12.5% corporation tax. Nor nowhere near it.
    Domestic operations companies have little access to tax havens and likely pay 12.5% since there aren't many worthwhile tax breaks left. Investing in film production is very risky, for instance.

    International companies in the digital markets have tax haven tax breaks as is well known.

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