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Thread: Story of Jesus Fabricated Claims US scholar Joseph Atwill

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyFoley View Post
    But, eh, the Romans sporadically persecuted Christians like.
    Sporadically. Which sect do you think would have been more dangerous for Roman interests?

    And they didn't seem to know what it was about; e.g. Pliny TY.
    Most of the local Roman military intelligence records would not have made it into Pliny's works or that of other writers of the time. And one of the main sources on Judea at the time was Josephus. (I think that he made a mention of the Chistians but it is a long time since I read his work.)

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    Joe worked on commission from whoever was paying him. And there was a certain notorious bishop who is known to be a fabricator and enthusiastic editor who produced the clearly edited version of Josephus with the mention of xtians and jimmy christ in it.

    Philo of Alexandria was actually a contemporary of said Jimmy's and liked to produce literary sketches of the cities he visited, down to the marketplaces, people and so on- an early travel writer if you like.

    And he doesn't mention Jimmy, or the skies darkening over Jerusalem or the ground shaking or any of the other momentous events scheduled out in the bible around the alleged crucifixion.

    Philo was contemporary- Old Joe was writing his original version of events 70 years later and then had a new version edited by a notorious christian bishop produced much later than that. The latter being the prime 'proof' offered to and by xtians.
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