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Thread: Fianna Fail major split inevitable?

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    Default Fianna Fail major split inevitable?

    Media reports suggest that there was a strong consensus at Fianna Fail's recent conference which supported a prolife stance. But the party seems not be accepting this and may even vote for legislation.

    Do posters believe it now inevitable that four things will happen:

    1. that the party will support legislation brought forth by government
    2. that there will be a major split in the party resulting in two Fianna Fails
    3. that the prolifers will have no option but to leave
    4. that the strength of feeling will force them to create a new party

    Another possibility too is that prolife elements of Fine Gael might split.

    Interested to hear from those who are actual members of Fine Gael, Fianna Fail (and Labour and Siinn Fein is there are strong prolife supporters in those parties).
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    /mod/ there are 2 active threads on ff's position on abortion here: and here :
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