Good for him:

As for deputy Feighan, he explained to us later that he wore his lily in remembrance of 1916. “I wore a poppy last year and took a lot of stick for that. People asked me why I didn’t wear the lily. I’m happy to do so.
Thanks to Charlie Flanagan’s intervention, Frankie’s outbreak of flower power should have a second outing in the Dáil today.
Feighan should be in the clear. By wearing a floral buttonhole, he is following in the tradition set by the late Jim Tunney of Fianna Fáil, who came to be known as “The Yellow Rose of Finglas”, thanks to his trademark sartorial flourish.
Good work Frankie! The Easter Lily was more widely used in the past, nice to see Fine Gael getting back to their roots.

Oh, and Noonan: they were pinned on. No self respecting Republican would gum them on, just ask Pat Rabbitte and Éamonn Gillmore.