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Thread: Are the government hypocrites on immigration?

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    Default Are the government hypocrites on immigration?

    We were told last week, that as part of the Taoiseach's trip to Washington DC, the issue of the 'undocumented' Irish in the US was 'high' on his agenda. He discussed this with Pres Obama. There are an estimated 50,000 Irish, that fall into this category.

    Only last year it was reported, that the figure of undocumented immigrants - here in little Ireland - was in the high region of 30,000.

    30,000 illegal immigrants in Ireland Inside Ireland

    It is clear that a number like that (or an estimated one), allows for serious trouble to come in a small country, in a recessionary period. A year later, I have yet to hear anything from the government that suggests that they - along with the authorities - have made sure of a significant decrease of last year's estimate.

    So, do this make Enda and co's 'concern' for immigrants in a country of which the ex-pat Irish are well established in, a simple deflectionary issue, for the media to talk about, while getting away from addressing a very important domestic one?
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    /mod/ this is discussed here: /mod/
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