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Thread: Ceasefire in Turkish Kurdistan?

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    Default Ceasefire in Turkish Kurdistan?

    The long-time leader of the PKK, Abdullah Ocalan, has called on his organisation to abandon force as part of negotiations with the Turkish government, which have been ongoing for some months. To most ethnic Turks, he and his organisation are public enemy no. 1, but the Kurds have been systematically discriminated against for decades, and indeed, to express an alternative cultural identity is illegal under the notorious "insulting Turkishness" law, which rose to international prominence when used against Orhan Pamuk. Years of intricate talks seem likely, but will Ankara ultimately agree to devolve power to a Kurdish autonomous region?
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    Hope this leads to the conflict being over. But I have to say it doesn't look too promising. I was talking to a Turkish guy the other year and let's just say there is no love lost between the Turks and Kurds. But you have to start somewhere.
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