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Thread: Douglas Land Use and Transportation Strategy

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    Default Douglas Land Use and Transportation Strategy

    Has anyone had much of a look at this?

    Have had a cursory look at it, seems on the whole to be fairly progressive, and reasonably well thought out, though hard to visualise exactly what the outcome will be.

    Seems to be very little public awareness of it though, anyone I spoke to from the area seems fairly unaware of it, which in a way is surprising given it will probably mean fairly considerable changes to the area over the medium term.

    Anyone heard much discussion on it, or have any opinions?

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    There have been a few pieces on it in the Echo and the Examiner and other papers.

    Should be a good plan but hopefully they will keep some short-term on-street parking.

    The pedestrian friendly areas will the main thing. Douglas should be an alternative to the city centre as a comfortable place to shop and socialise.

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