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Thread: Truth And Reconciliation Forum Phase One

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    Default Truth And Reconciliation Forum Phase One

    SINN Fein president Gerry Adams has repeated his assertion that he was never in the IRA, a claim which has been repeatedly rejected by many observers of politics in Northern Ireland.

    In an interview published yesterday Mr Adams said: “If you ask me if I’m a member of the IRA? No I’m not. Was I a member of the IRA? No I wasn’t. Now people will then make up their minds on the validity and the truthfulness and the accuracy of that assertion.”

    Adams told The Journal he would never dissociate himself from the IRA but said that he will only know if he has to apologise for incidents during the Troubles if the process of reconciliation continues.
    Adams repeats: I was never in IRA - News - Belfast Newsletter

    Now we have that cleared up the rest should be straight forward... just one small thing puzzling moi, why apologise for that which you weren't involved in? if one wasn't in, what never went away, how does one 'never dissociate' one self from something one wasn't associated with...
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