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Thread: Hospital Groups announcement....

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    Default Hospital Groups announcement....

    Will be a very interesting week in DOHC/HSE this week it would appear!!
    The Higgins report on groupings will be announced.
    Could/Will put pressure on various Tds around the country.

    In my case Tallaght is likely to be grouped with James',Naas,Tullamore,Portlaoise and the Coombe. The Coombe, is of course, to relocated to Tallaght should funding allow in the year "who knows" under the last report on maternity services but that could change.
    Don't think it will produce much change in my area...but others may!!

    Waterford a whistling kettle of unease!!....Think it would be daft to group Waterford with UCC BTW.....!!

    What about your area...any political pitfalls??
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    sorry what is going on? grouping of hospitals ? even more duplication of jobs etc? Say it isnt so please
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