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Thread: A Roman Emperor from ... Waterford.

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    Default A Roman Emperor from ... Waterford.

    Rosemary Sutliff wrote wonderful historical romances for the "young adult" market.

    Here she is setting up The Silver Branch:

    Carausius ... is the son of a German father and a Hibernian mother, and that is a mixture to set the sparks flying; born and bred in one of the trading-stations that the Manopeans of the German sea set up long since in Hibernia, and only came back to his father's people when he reached manhood.
    I'm away from my library until next week; reduced to an iPad, and dependent on Wikipedia till then. So, anyone want a nibble at this?

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    I thought it was a new book you were pushing there Malcolm, it is the follow up from the Eagle of the Ninth.

    Can't you download it to kindle and read?
    Worst thing I did was to get Kindle..........I am awaiting a Kindlectomy as I'm always reading it

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    OK: Sutcliffe is dead these two decades (as I recall). I must have first read The Silver Branch in the late '50s -- I rate it marginally the least of the Marcus series.

    However, this is a dimension I missed. Is it all derived from the confusion about "Menapia"? Doubtless, greatly helped by Geoffrey of Monmouth.

    As I say, I'm a bit adrift without a proper access to info.

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