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Thread: Action Plan for Jobs 2013 – Taoiseach, Tánaiste, Minister for Jobs

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    Default Action Plan for Jobs 2013 – Taoiseach, Tánaiste, Minister for Jobs

    Action Plan 2013, published today, outlines 333 actions to be implemented before 31st December 2013 by 16 Departments and 46 Agencies. Further, it also outlines 7 Disruptive Reforms - high-impact measures with highly ambitious deadlines, implemented in partnership with senior industry figures and selected because of their potential to have an immediate effect on job-creation.

    These are seven initiatives which the Government believes can have a significant impact on job creation, present new opportunities to support businesses, and where Ireland has an existing or under‐utilised strength. These Disruptive Reforms represent a new way of creating focus on opportunities which require support across a number of Government Departments. The goals attached to them are ambitious in nature and they have aggressive timescales in which they will be delivered. They will also require new ways of working.

    The Government will seek private sector involvement in driving the delivery of these Disruptive Reforms. To this end, where appropriate, the Government will appoint private sector business people who offer their time on a pro bono basis to help steer the delivery of these initiatives.

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    Is the the FG position as seems a FGer on here wants to do everything to undermine and shut down places which have 1200 existing jobs..........

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