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Thread: Loan Pushers In The Irish Mortgage Market

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    Default Loan Pushers In The Irish Mortgage Market

    iam continuing the quest to expose the money trail #ManUnited I know we are not there yet, but getting there slowly. id like to now take a look at the frontend of the bubble and it's fair to say that the lion's share of the debt that is now shouldered by the Irish taxpayer is the result of the reckless lending practice at Irish banks. The mortgage and property lending disaster in Ireland is no news to most of us here but the scale might be. of the €110bn or so in outstanding residential mortgage accounts in Irish banks is the making of mortgage dealers such as KBC (IIB Homeloans), Haven, ptsb, first active, EBS, INBS, ACC Bank, BoI, Springboard, Start Mortgages, Nua Homeloans, GE Money, Leeds Building Society, Bank of Scotland, ICS, NIB, Ulsterbank(RBS), AIB and Anglo Irish Bank. am I missing one?

    now is there a single source that compares all the lending activities at each of these financial services listing the total number mortgage accounts and their value over the last 10 years? central bank?
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    This might do it.

    Table A.5.1 on the last page.

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    /MOD/ You've already linked in your OP to the existing thread on this issue /MOD/
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