A Swedish NGO has charged the Western occupying coalition in Afghanistan with possible violations of international law for its repeated assaults on medical facilities.

­On October 23, ISAF soldiers broke into a clinic run by the NGO Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) in Sewak, in Afghanistan’s central Wardak province.

The Geneva Convention forbids belligerents in a conflict zone from targeting medical personnel or facilities. However, ISAF commanders did not order their soldiers to stop; the troops occupied the clinic for three days, occasionally using it as a temporary jail for suspected militants.

"Most NGOs who deliver healthcare in this country experience this almost on a monthly basis; that there are breaches in different provinces, where the Afghan National Army, or ISAF, or special forces basically don't show the level of respect they should for health facilities," Stefansson told the Guardian during a conference in Kabul.

“We are getting quite fed up with it,” he said.

ISAF attacked Afghan hospitals, violating 'all established rules'