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Thread: Libya's Gaddafi regime, and allegations of election funding in favour of Sarkozy

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    Default Libya's Gaddafi regime, and allegations of election funding in favour of Sarkozy

    Some of you may remember the interview provided by Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi. In retrospect much of it was overconfident statements that amounted to bluster. He was hyper-confident.

    In any case, the interesting bit starts at 1:40. Of course at the time nothing became of this allegation.

    Well, today a businessman made an extraordinary claim in a French legal court case.

    If true this could be a real shocker. Of course, this is early days in the case, and there are many absurd allegations going around in this case, which might have very little to do with the actual case.

    Sarkozy took €50m of Gaddafi's cash, French judge is told - World News -

    Can anybody foresee the scenario of 'le plus petit Nic' endin up in the Nick ?

    Should the send him a card, expressing our best wishes ? or maybe a present ?

    Something to comfort him as he gets accustomed to a new level of austerity.

    Perhaps a few Anglo Banglo golf balls to play around with ?

    Or maybe the Greeks might send him some feta cheese ?
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    If the campaign funding was illegal, then Sarko will have to answer. Its not as if he has friends in the cabinet any more. But given how inept his critics are, I can see Sarko getting past this.

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