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Thread: A Discussion on Suicide.

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    Default A Discussion on Suicide.

    Today's thread on the misfortunate and horrible situation in Donegal is being ruined by the Religious nuts of

    I have therefore, out of respect to the family, started this thread for a general discussion on the issue.

    A certain poster claimed that falling Religious rates in Ireland are responsible for the increase in suicides. Many of us have shown how this is a false view.

    Please, let's keep this thread on track and have a civilised discussion on an issue which affects so many people.
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    /MOD/ There's a general discussion on this here: /MOD/
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    Suicide is a very emotive topic.
    People are entitled to their opinions.

    You were not so sensitive of peoples feeling with your provocative thread on the Angelus.
    You lose credibility by talking out of both sides of your mouth.

    Not cool to refer to other posters as 'religous nuts'

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