L.A. calls for end to 'corporate personhood' - latimes.com

Los Angeles lawmakers Tuesday called for more regulations on how much corporations can spend on political campaigns.
The council resolution includes support for a constitutional amendment that would assert that corporations are not entitled to constitutional rights, and that spending money is not a form of free speech.
A small step against the use by corporations of the 14th amendment to give them equal rights with citizens. In US legal history, US corporations have used the amendment to overturn differential tax treatment, avoid environmental and health & safety checks, and perhaps most damagingly to exercise almost unrestrained free speech not only in relentless advertising but in terms of political support i.e. corporate funding of political campaigns.

In the book/documentary The Corporation, it is famously quoted that corporations treated as individuals “display all the personality traits of a psychopath”.

If this campaign gains traction there could be fundamentally positive change in how both US commerce and US politics currently operate.