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Thread: Interview on the Home Rule Party

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    Default Interview on the Home Rule Party

    Interview with historian Conor Mulvagh on the Home Rule party here.

    Interview: Conor Mulvagh on the Home Rule Party | The Irish Story

    He argues was, ‘a dual issue party’, the two issues being the land question – specifically improving the lot of tenant farmers – and Irish self-government.

    The IPP is often contrasted with the more radical militant tradition of Irish separatism, but he argues that in fact, below the parliamentary elite of the Party, the two were often linked, especially in land struggles.

    In early 20th century Ireland, the IPP behaved very much as an Irish government in waiting. We talk about their authoritarian tendencies, in particular local corruption and their attempt to suppress a rival nationalist party, the All For Ireland League. We also discuss their relationship with the Roman Catholic Church. Was Home Rule really Rome Rule?

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    We have an island divided along sectarian lines today because:

    1. Prime minister Asquith did not implement the Home Rule Act despite the fact that it was passed by the Westminster parliament and was signed into law by the monarch. It gave limited self rule to the whole of the island of Ireland.

    2. Andrew Bonar Law leader of the conservative opposition expressly backed unionist threats of civil war against its implementation.

    3 As a consequence a large section of Irish nationalists felt that constitutional nationalism was betrayed and backed physical force.

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