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Thread: Israel Virtually Stops African Immigration

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    Default Israel Virtually Stops African Immigration

    Interesting moral dilemma for some within Israel. Also for those in the US who support amnesty for illegal immigrants and angrily attack any restrictions on immigration, but give Israel unwavering support. Double standards obviously. I think Israel is doing the right thing, any country that wants to exist needs to control its borders to some extent.

    Israel has stopped the unapproved influx of African migrants across its border with Egypt, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday after months of intensive counter-measures on the once porous desert frontier.
    More than 60,000 African migrants have walked into the Jewish state in recent years, some seeking work and others refuge. They have stirred fear for public order and demographics and prompted the government to build a fortified and closely patrolled fence between Israel and the Egyptian Sinai.

    Netanyahu told his cabinet on Sunday that 54 migrants crossed the border in October and were all taken into custody - a steep decline from the some 2,000 migrants who came through monthly in mid-2012, many of them settling in Israeli cities.

    “Given this figure, we can say explicitly that we have halted the infiltration. And now we have to focus on removing or returning those infiltrators who are already in the territory of Israel to their countries of origin,” the conservative premier said.
    Israel Virtually Stops African Immigration

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    This is gonna confuse the hell out of certain posters on here!
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