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Thread: Local Boundary Area Commission - Ambiguity of Section 9 of Terms of Reference...

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    Default Local Boundary Area Commission - Ambiguity of Section 9 of Terms of Reference...

    Section 9 of the Terms of Reference of the Boundary Commission deals with the number of seats each council is to be allocated.... The text is below....

    9. Subject to a minimum total of 18 and a maximum total of 40 members of every other council-
    there should be one member for every 4,830 population in each council area;
    in addition, and subject to a maximum of four additional members per council except where councils are merging:
    - in counties where there are existing town councils there should be four additional members per Borough Council and one additional member per Town Council, and
    - in cases where the city and county councils are being merged, i.e. Limerick and Waterford, there should be five additional members.
    I'm hearing differing interpretations of how the seats numbers should be calculated.

    Personally, it reads to me like :

    Seats = Population / 4830
    Seats = Seats + Town/Borough Council Bonus
    if seats < 18 then seats = 18
    if seats > 40 then seats = 40

    so for instance in the case of Sligo....

    Councillors = 65393/4830 + 4 ie Sligo Borough
    Councillors = 13.53 +4 = 17.53
    Councillors = 18

    However some people think the town/borough councils bonus is only added after the minimum-maximum stipulation are appled ie so Sligo would have 22 seats.

    I'm pretty sure my interpretation is correct - anyone got a definitive answer?

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    seems like the councillor to population ratio is still to high with their still being tons of Boroughs, towns and county councils still operating with in the sames boundarys.

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