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Thread: Ex Europe Minister guilty of thieving.

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    Default Ex Europe Minister guilty of thieving.

    The former Europe Minister Dennis Macshane has been demonstrating his true EU credentials by taking the hard working taxpayers cash and redistributing it how he sees fit without proper scrutiny.

    MPs' expenses scandal: Denis MacShane resigns - Telegraph

    The thieving Europhile even created his own European supporting group, wrote invoices on behalf of it then signed cheques to pay for them.

    A true example of the Europhile. Hopefully now the legal case against this obnoxious creep can be reopened and another British MP can taste a bit if porridge, courtesy of the taxpayer.
    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money. ”
    ― Margaret Thatcher

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    At least, and to the credit of the UK system, you can reasonably anticipate that he might yet do porridge.

    He'd probably get an increased majority next time round, over here.

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