What is the media's obsession with the State Examinations that come around this time of year?
Why do newspapers, radio and television news bulletins lead with this nonsense?
So 300k students are sitting their leaving and junior certs. Big deal.
We've all been through it.
But we have experts going through the examination papers each day on various radio programmes, we have counsellors available, we have psychologists on hand advising parents how to help their students during these difficult times.
It's a non-story. So Ruairi Quinn wishes all the students the best of luck. So what! But RTE and other broadcast media outlets lead with this story today and this evening.
Today's paper was English. So, without watching RTE or TV3 this evening I can visualise the respective reporters interviewing boys and girls after their exams, asking them what they thought of the English paper, what were the questions. And then they will interview some unknown English teacher for their views.
Funny, but I don't think there is a question on grammar/parsing on the English paper.
Who cares...except those sitting the exams and their families. The vast majority of the population could not give a fiddlers.
No other country highlights their state examinations like Ireland does. And no other media gives it the attention our national media devotes to it.
It is the biggest turn off.
Let the students grow up and get on with their exams.
We don't need all this attention.
There are far more important stories to be told and highlighted.