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Thread: Population density (or area) of Dáil constituencies

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    Default Population density (or area) of Dáil constituencies

    As I may have mentioned before, I'm doing a bit of quantitative research on the current composition of Dáil Eireann.

    One of the variables for which I need an empirical measure for is urban/rural. Ideally, this would be population density. Obviously this means population divided by unit area. Population per constituency is easily found; area, however, is proving more difficult.

    Basic question: where can I find accurate figures for the area of each Dáil constituency as defined for the 2007 General Election?

    In other words, the km squared for each of the areas delineated in this map:

    Thank you in advance

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    Do you use Geographic Information Sytems / GIS software?

    Best thing to do is ring the CSO and just ask them for the data. I think they use Dail boundaries as one of their spatial units. It'll be 2006 CEnsus data. They should have the area as well on their GIS systems and then be able to send you a spreadsheet with the data you need. It'll cost you money though.
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    Unfortunately I don't use GIS, not familiar with it at all. It's a bit strange - I would've thought that data like this would be commonplace, and freely available.

    I've emailed the CSO and OSI, to which I've heard nothing so far. I'm trying to cobble it together myself, from data from the CSO, and the Electoral Act of 2005 myself, but it isn't easy. I suppose I may have to bite the bullet and pay the CSO for it - have you any idea how much it might cost?


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