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Thread: Which political podcasts do you listen to?

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    Default Which political podcasts do you listen to?

    Like the title says. I've a hard time finding decent ones, not so much radio shows transposed to podcast, but actual speciality ones.

    The Guardian do a fantastic weekly pod:
    Audio | The Business: Labour and Britain's economy | Business |

    And The Economist's sitdown interviews are usually worth a listen:
    The Economist - Podcast

    Any others?
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    Inside Europe
    NBC Meet the Press
    NBC Nightly News
    Start the Week with Andrew Marr (mix of politics and culture)

    Then otherwise also listen to Excess Baggage, Moral Maze, Everyday Ethics and From Our Own Correspondence (which can be about anything really, including politics - it is a series of reports from BBC correspondents around the world about whatever they are up to, whether that is getting their hair cut in Bangladesh or following a coup in Latin America)....

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