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Thread: Not Another RSF Split?

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    Default Not Another RSF Split?

    Apparently a movement within RSF has gotten sick and tired of the leadership who they see as old skins who are out of touch.

    Should any of us really be concerned about this?

    from Saoirse, August 2010

    THROUGHOUT June and July members of the Officer Board of Republican Sinn
    Féin, including the President, Des Dalton, met with members of the
    organisation in all four provinces and in England following the departure
    of some members (see June SAOIRSE).

    This splinter group has set up an organisation which they call ‘RSF – Real
    Sinn Féin’ and has embarked an a policy of disinformation aimed at
    confusing Republicans who have remained faithful to Republican Sinn Féin
    and the Republican Movement in general.

    Articles in both the broadsheet and tabloid newspapers have made claims
    that the bulk of the Republican Movement is with this splinter group. The
    articles in the tabloid papers in particular contained scurrilous attacks
    on members of the true Republican Movement. These included threats to our
    offices and to SAOIRSE.

    Republican Sinn Féin is intact throughout the country. A small number have
    left the organisation but in some areas people have returned to the
    Movement. At meetings in Munster, Leinster, Connacht, Ulster and London
    members of the organisation reaffirmed their allegiance to Republican Sinn
    Féin and the aims and objectives of the Republican Movement. We have
    received messages of support from supporters in the USA and in Europe.

    On July 27 Kevin Devlin, Assistant PRO, Republican Sinn Féin, said:

    “Following recent statements and letters from a Limerick-based splinter
    group styling itself as “RSF, Real Sinn Féin” which have made their way
    into the Irish News (Belfast) unquestioned and unchallenged, we feel
    obliged to put the record straight on a few issues raised.

    ”This group does not speak for, and indeed is not qualified to speak for
    any part of the Republican Movement. The bruised egos at the head of this
    outfit are former members of Republican Sinn Féin who failed in an attempt
    to usurp Sinn Féin and “took the ball home” when they didn’t get their own

    ”They have made up a name for themselves with the same initials as
    Republican Sinn Féin with the clear purpose of creating the maximum amount
    of confusion in the people’s mind.

    “Republicans reject the spin of these self-serving individuals and their
    media friends.”

    The following statement was supplied to media sources, including SAOIRSE,
    by the Irish Republican Publicity Bureau on August 5:

    “We have been asked to release the following statement re the Irish Times,
    Belfast Interview:

    “The interview given by the latest splinter group to break away from the
    Republican Movement to the Irish Times (July 28) is a tissue of falsehood
    and fabrication mixed with gross exaggerations.

    “It is the culmination of a campaign of untruth that began at the end of
    September last when a change in the Presidency of Republican Sinn Féin was
    announced to a meeting of An Ard Chomhairle.

    “The tabloid press was the vehicle used Sunday after Sunday to sow distrust
    and confusion in the ranks. The leadership believes that elements now
    associated with the splinter group were responsible for this activity.

    “The most serious charge made was that ‘over €20,000’ was misappropriated
    by a prominent Republican in Belfast. This matter was enquired into
    thoroughly, the sum of money was found to have been far less than was
    stated and was in fact accounted for. There was no question of it being put
    to personal use. However the subject was used for personal attacks on the
    person concerned and is now being raised again.

    “It has been made into a case of character assassination and is on a par
    with the outrageous charges relating to other matters made from the same
    quarter against personnel on the national officer board of Republican Sinn
    Féin. These allegations were later withdrawn.

    “Such matters could not be dealt with through the mechanism of a Continuity
    Army convention and the judgement of the leadership was that for security
    reasons such should not be held.

    “Nothing was apparently said in the interview about the question of a
    ‘broad front’ with other organisations. This matter has been one of
    contention for some years and has been rejected by the leadership and by
    successive Ard-Fheiseanna of Republican Sinn Féin.

    “In an interview with the Sunday Times of June 6 a spokesperson for the
    splinter group ‘urged the leadership of the Real IRA (RIRA) and of Óglaigh
    na h-Éireann (OnH) to unite’ with them.

    “The splinter group’s proposal for a merger was turned down by the
    principal organisation and nothing more has been heard of it.

    “In Limerick a body calling itself ‘Limerick Independent Republican
    Organisation (LIRO)’ has emerged, only to adopt the name RSF ‘Real Sinn
    Féin’ in order to cause maximum confusion in the public mind. Those were
    the people who called for ‘Republican unity’ on Easter Sunday last.

    “Talk of a ‘takeover’ and of ‘95%’ of personnel joining the splinter group
    is totally ridiculous. Other expressions such as ‘North versus South’ and
    ‘old versus young’ are rank Provo-speak. We have heard it all before,
    especially in 1986.

    “The splinter group people should go their own way and cease using the name
    of the Republican Movement. They should quit calling at the homes of
    faithful Republicans late at night and in numbers.

    “They should stop attempting to intimidate sellers of SAOIRSE-Irish Freedom
    from carrying out their work. This was particularly the case when the June
    issue carried statements on the front page answering calls to hand over our
    offices and our newspaper.

    “These people are diverting attention from the Republican prisoners in
    Maghaberry jail, Co Antrim, now in their ninth week of a ‘dirt strike’ for
    political status as an escalation of their protest since Easter.

    “Meanwhile the true Republican Movement continues to pursue its historic
    aims and calls for increased support at home and abroad.

    “(Signed) B Ó Ruairc, Rúnaí.”

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    Sorry Posted this in the wrong forum. Could one of the mods move it please?

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    Wow! So thats two guys on one side and three on the other? If they split again their meetings will be very lonely. What a bunch of cabbages!

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    what amazes me is the way splitters of all varieties always call for unity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by new jewell View Post
    what amazes me is the way splitters of all varieties always call for unity.
    I'm actually reminded of the SP/SWP bickering. They always call for "left unity" themselves.

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    Why does Monty Python keeping coming into my head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by odie1kanobe View Post
    Why does Monty Python keeping coming into my head.
    had the exact same though, and it seems strangely apt for such jokers

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    Couldn't happen to a nicerr bunch of guys. What RSF are reaping now was well predicted by many, many people when they took in that "Tiny" crew in Limerick. People warned them only to be rebuked by various RSF posters that they were "loyal" "solid" "true republicans"...........I wonder what they call them mow. LMAO.

    Monty Phyton really does sum them up!

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    Its time for the leadership in RSF to grasp this and sort it out once and for all. Republican parties will never be taken seriously by the electorate if we appear to be fighting and bickering the whole time. Time is nigh for Republican unity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by odie1kanobe View Post
    Why does Monty Python keeping coming into my head.
    Are you the Judean Peoples Front? Same thought!1
    Economic Left/Right: -9.00
    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.62

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