• Remember FixMyStreet.ie? The Government didn't, and forgot to renew the domain name

    Fine Gael's Manifesto had a commitment to produce a website called FixMyStreet.ie which would allow people to report problems in their local areas. In fact, the domain had already been registered by Fine Gael this time last year. And South Dublin County Council launched a similar pilot programme back in August. But guess what? They've forgotten to renew the domain name and they've lost it. And someone else has since registered it.

    In local services, we will establish a website – www.fixmystreet.ie – to assist residents in reporting problems with street lighting, drainage, graffiti, waste collection and road and path maintenance in their neighbourhoods, with a guarantee that local officials will respond within two working days.

    Fine Gael / Labour Programme for Government
    But worry not! The domain was registered by the folks who brought you KildareStreet, and they are committing to produce a website similar to the one from the UK.

    The problem with lifting a good idea from a foreign NGO, putting it in the Programme for Government, and getting someone in the office to register the domain...

    ...is that when he stops working in the office you don't get the renewal notices.

    Then the entire thing can end up in the hands of people who'll make the exact thing it's supposed to be, without your help, input or veto.

    But it all works out in the end. For the people who matter, at least.

    (FixMyStreet.ie is nearly finished. You'll be able to see it at this address soon.)

    - Message on FixMyStreet.ie
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    1. Dr Pat's Avatar
      Dr Pat -
      Thanks. Great stuff!
    1. jmcc's Avatar
      jmcc -
      Dropped a few times, I believe.

    1. RainyDay's Avatar
      RainyDay -
      Eh, the service operated by South Dublin Co Co is at Fix Your Street and it's still working!
    1. Houyhnhnm's Avatar
      Houyhnhnm -
      Fine Gael's Cones Hotline.
    1. Warrior of Destiny's Avatar
      Warrior of Destiny -
      What a band of gobshi*es.
    1. RainyDay's Avatar
      RainyDay -
      Not sure why my earlier comment isn't appearing, so I'll try it again. I think someone has got the wrong end of the stick here. The website piloted by South Dublin Co Co is fixYOURstreet.ie. The domain that wasn't renewed is fixMYstreet.ie. It wasn't renewed because it wasn't being used.
    1. jmcc's Avatar
      jmcc -
      Interesting cultural difference though - fix my street versus fix your street.

    1. westernyelp's Avatar
      westernyelp -
    1. Edo's Avatar
      Edo -
      of all the problems facing the government currently - that is most definitely the one that is going to keep me awake at night
    1. Analyzer's Avatar
      Analyzer -

      Let's blame the "Information" Service Provider...
    1. king5494's Avatar
      king5494 -
      Maybe they could register "fix my country.ie"
    1. seanmoylantd's Avatar
      seanmoylantd -
      No wonder those Labour tools loathe and despise the Internet.
    1. Analyzer's Avatar
      Analyzer -
      Quote Originally Posted by king5494 View Post
      Maybe they could register "fix my country.ie"
      Afraid not. The Looper Party has already decided that the internet will be avoided in state policy, except when looking for taxes.

      Just wondering, but if a tourist arrives here with an iPhone, will they get forced to pay Bunny's newly expanded compulsory levy for the benefit of the Montrose Millionaire fund, and career relaunch pad, because they are using "da inthirnett" ?

      The whole thing is becomming a monumental farce !!!
    1. galwaytt's Avatar
      galwaytt -
      Quote Originally Posted by westernyelp View Post
      LOL - do we prefix your comment with Fianna......or Fine .. ?
    1. Raketemensch's Avatar
      Raketemensch -
      That is pretty cool. But are the KildareStreet.com people actually going to come out in a van and fix my street? If they do then they have my vote!
    1. RainyDay's Avatar
      RainyDay -
      Quote Originally Posted by westernyelp View Post
      Would you care to be more specific?
    1. bellend's Avatar
      bellend -
      you've got the wrong URL it's Fix Your Street

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