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    Quote Originally Posted by Karloff View Post
    Don't assume Irish ancestry just because you see an Irish name. Names can be changed.

    Remember reading an article years and years ago about how some Chicago aspiring politicos were changing their names to Irish and Scottish surnames to make them more electable by appealing to voters of that heritage. Then there is John Kerry who according to legend threw a dart at a map and Kohn became Kerry.
    The late actor 'Mickey Rooney' comes to mind too. His father was a Glaswegian Scottish Protestant and his mother was an Anglo-American Protestant. He played numerous Irish roles in acting though and first operated under the stage names Mickey McGuire and Mickey Looney before settling on Mickey Rooney.

    Adopting Irish surnames with no Irish ancestry at all has been pretty rare though. When people have done that, it's usually to something Anglo-American and simple.

    That's especially so for chosen Irish forenames. Irish forenames are popular today in the US even with non-Irish Americans. That said, only the most common ones became popular during the 1970s-1990s (Sean, Brian, Kevin, etc) with the rest becoming popular in post-2000. Beforehand, even the Irish diaspora in the US were wary of being deemed 'too ethnic' and being discriminated against given the times, and usually avoided giving such forenames to children and/or anglicised existing ones if immigrants.
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