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    Quote Originally Posted by eyelight View Post
    And this thread isn't being shut down because nobody has mentioned Muslims yet?

    Bloody hell.

    The idiocy runs deep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by odie1kanobe View Post
    BBC News - UK children suffered sex abuse on 'industrial scale'

    Words of UK Prime Minister David Cameron......

    Having listened to the people on here claiming again and again that it really was down to Catholic Church and that aside from Catholic church it was relatively minor this comes as not a surprise.
    Again seeing the claims that the state was a better protector of people than anybody else was a mantra pushed forward by same individuals.

    Time and again UK Councils, Police Forces and Governments overlooked what was happening or pretending it didn't exist.

    UK has already abolished Rotherham council and appointed commisioners for the systematic action in refusing to acknowledge there was even a problem. A South Yorkshire police officer mysteriously killed by a car was up to his neck in it.

    Rotherham, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford, Rochdale, Islington, Haringay, Bristol, Carmartenshire and the list goes on and on of councils who completely and utterly refused to even acknowledge a problem existed not just once but again and again.

    Margaret Hodge MP pretty much ignored child abuse issues when Leader of Islington Council, cutting budgets and pretending it didn't exist. Course in due time she became UK's Minister for Children.
    Timeline: Margaret Hodge row | Society | The Guardian

    We know the history of Labour MP's Harman, Hewitt and Dromey supporting PIE.

    Then again the media is delighted to focus on others, completely and utterly ignoring the Jimmy Saville / Rolf Harris / Jonathan King and many other celebs who were aided and abetted by media organisations in covering up child abuse.

    Having had a search of all the councils listed they came back with one common fact................... ALL were historically or currently are run by UK Labour Party.

    UK Labour grandees with their "Nanny" state agenda, somehow think they are the better arbitrator of peoples rights than the individual, is that really a surprise that political dogma was used as a means of allowing child abuse on an industrial scale and covering it up.
    No surprise there. The Left shouldn't be let near children.

    Just look at our own versions who haven't the wit to be ashamed of wanting to facilitate killing the unborn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A REASON View Post
    I've asked this question many times but no-one seems to have an answer. Why is there such a high level of really sick, depraved behaviour amongst those high up in english society? From what we're hearing it seems to go to the very top. Ex prime ministers and royals involved etc.
    Here's your answer:

    Power, unchecked, becomes corrupt. Dictatorships are more corrupt than democracies because the feedback of disaffection with bad rule is disabled.

    The catholic church in Ireland was, and to a lesser degree still is, immune from the law. The upper echelons of the English class system are, in a hat-doffing way, similarly immune. Pakistani men in English cities run by people too terrified of being seen as racist to enforce the law on ethnic minorities got the same immunity.

    Laws exist in societies for a reason. Excuse any group from those laws and ugly things follow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruimh View Post
    Who said that?

    Where you have people in power you'll find people abusing that power. It is good to see DC acknowledging the problem.
    Here defending Child abusers again.
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    This is what happens when White people are made to feel small and belittled by other races for things they didn't even do.

    All of this happend for fear of being called a name by race baiters.
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    I don't agree with the use of the phrase 'Industrial scale' here. This phrase implies obvious high level organization and discipline. I don't think that these cases of child abuse are highly organized.

    Same with the Roman Catholic Church. There is no institution out there actively promoting and encouraging child sexual abuse. I doubt there ever has been. What there is, in my opinion two kinds of people involved in creating these incidents. Those that turn the other cheek, look the other way, mind their own business in sight of these vicious cases. I suspect that the majority population fall into this grouping. It is the only way that so many abusers can go on doing these things for a protracted period of time and get away with it. There is no other explanation. So the question is why do the majority of people end up being like this. Is it just human nature? Is this the ugly side of pacifism? I can find no societal examples of encouragement of this.

    Then there are the people that actively pursue children to abuse and rape them. They are obviously a minority. But how much of one are they? And are their urges the product of something in society or just a product of nature? Again I can find nothing in society that would convince a person to rape children. So I can only blame nature for this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GJG View Post

    Laws exist in societies for a reason. Excuse any group from those laws and ugly things follow.
    Like the RUC. And the Gardaí. The CIA. MI6 re the Kincora Affair. Probably also the KGB.
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    Private Eye is an interesting read.
    It skates the thin ice, but must be knowingly cautious about falling into the water.

    They have alluded to a lot of the recent 'goings-on'.

    Even back in the 60's, they noted Gary Glitter's association with those 'under the legal driving age'.

    In a very British way, you must read into the exact phrasing of their articles.
    Beyond the jovial 'tired and emotional' and 'jetlag (up the nose)' PR excuses for behaviour, there lies phraseology with a far more sinister revelation.
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    The 'UK' hold probably the most heinous record of sex crimes known to humanity. The OP only scratches the surface. Such though is always covered up and censored.

    Here's a few more examples of 'UK' sex abuse which is on a scale that I can't even imagine happening before, even the Catholic Church...

    Female soldier hanged herself at barracks after 'Army did not charge soldiers she claimed raped her' - Telegraph

    Military rape: Fighting the invisible war inside the Armed Forces - Telegraph

    Standard Digital News : : [email protected] - Trail of tears as troops rape Kenyan Women

    Rape and sexual assaults in the military need more than 'kangaroo court' justice | Joe Glenton | Comment is free | The Guardian

    MoD faces £20m bill over Kenya rape claims | Daily Mail Online

    Recruit tells of vile male rape Army initiation | UK | News | Daily Express

    Sexual assault allegations in military number 200 in three years | UK news | The Guardian

    Wartime sexual violence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Military investigations 'fail rape victims' - Channel 4 News

    ‘Frightening cover-up’ over rape in Forces | The Times

    BBC News - Soldier faces Custom House Square, Belfast, rape charge

    BBC News - Afghanistan-bound soldier accused of Belfast rape

    Kincora scandal: I will reveal the secrets, says ex-Army officer Colin Wallace -

    Female soldier hanged herself at barracks after 'Army did not charge soldiers she claimed raped her' - Telegraph

    Soldiers on sex offenders' register still serving in British Army - Daily Record

    Rape accused bailed to stay in England

    Troops Out Movement - Campaigns - Oliver's Army - Chapter 11:

    In April 1977 the official Army magazine, Soldier, showed on its front cover a picture of a paratrooper in full combat kit being kissed by a bikini-clad model. The Dublin review Hibernia, that same month, carried a report about a soldier from the Queen’s Regiment who was charged with assaulting a Derry youth :

    The DPP (NI) dropped the charge when he heard the squaddie would, when he finished his tour of duty, be starting a five year jail stretch, courtesy of the Old Bailey, for raping and assaulting a fifteen-year-old girl in England. Derry City Council marked the news of the dropping of the assault charge by passing a resolution deploring the presence on the streets of soldiers remanded on bail for serious offences . [34]

    Two months later, the leniency shown in that case was matched by the Appeal Court in London. In June 1977 it revoked the jail sentence of a Guardsman who had viciously raped an 18-year-old woman. During his two and a half years in the army the Guardsman had spent six months in Northern Ireland and was said by one of his officers to have ‘an excellent record’. Earlier, in January of the same year, private Roger Surch of the King’s Regiment had admitted raping a woman while on patrol in Strabane the previous summer. He was given a two-year suspended sentence and allowed to return to his regiment, along with two other privates who admitted indecently assaulting the same woman and who received 9-month suspended sentences.

    A group of former British soldiers gave graphic descriptions of the time they spent serving in Northern Ireland ... They spoke of theft and stress, intimidation and fear and of the high numbers of Northern Ireland ‘veterans’ now serving time in prison for crimes ranging from petty theft to armed robbery, rape and murder ...

    David Roche did three tours of duty in Northern Ireland with the First Battalion of the Duke of Wellington Regiment between 1977 and 1982. He served in the Creggan, Belfast and Crossmaglen and never questioned his role there until after he had left the army. ‘I never had any problem at all while I was there’, he said. ‘We all just thought they were terrorists, they needed shooting. When the hunger strikers died we were dancing and rejoicing. It was one less mouth to feed - I'm sorry, but that is what we said. One less terrorist being kept by the taxpayers money’.

    His attitude has changed dramatically since the time he spent doing house raids in the early hours. ‘We used to nick stuff all the time, I got me dad a silver cigarette case when I was in Derry’, he said.[52]
    Troops Out Movement - Campaigns - Oliver's Army - Chapter 10

    Immediately the RUC and the authorities launched a smear campaign against Irwin, trying to undermine his statements and claiming that the doctor was ‘foul-tempered’, ‘sour and bitter’ and that he was ‘a drunk’. When this did not work, and Dr Irwin was seen to hold his ground, the authorities leaked to the press that Irwin had ‘domestic problems’ because his wife had been ‘raped a while ago’ (the rape was said to have been carried out by a British soldier on undercover work, who was spirited out of Northern Ireland to avoid facing charges). Dr Irwin became ‘distressed’ when confronted with reporter’s questions about the rape: ‘The Irwins had kept this traumatic event to themselves, but now had to suffer the indignity of it becoming front page news, and seeing the words “MY RAPE NIGHTMARE” splashed across the front of the Daily Mail a couple of days later.’ [68]
    Troops Out Movement - Campaigns - Oliver's Army - Chapter 11
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    The level of paedophilia amongst Catholic Priests was around the same level as the general public, but they have been trounced by liberals and the media for the last 10 years (despite 98% being not guilt of any crimes).
    What happened in these Labour constituencies, given the amount of (reported) victims in such a shorter space of time is a lot worse.
    New Labour and the liberal left are the most shallow, contemptible dregs of society and hopefully 2015 will see the nail in their coffin.
    People need to go to jail over this
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