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    Quote Originally Posted by PO'Neill View Post
    Errrr, no, Gombeen state would be the accurate title.
    A badly run state doesn't make it illegitimate. I regard the current nation state of Ireland as being the legitimate successor to the Irish Republic proclaimed in 1916. Unfortunately the national territory is still devoid of the 6 counties of Ulster. That doesn't lessen the legitimacy of this country.

    Argentina is without the Malvinas, Spain without Gib, Japan without the Kurils, and so on. None of these countries are any less for it.

    Ireland IS an independent nation, but still incomplete.
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    I don't see "open conflict" returning to NI as you call it OP. I don't see that as being a reason anyway why they might split.

    In my mind they are different parties in both jurisdictions, different policies, different priorities.

    It must be tough on them nevertheless saying different things 'up there' and 'down here' and yet trying to be the same 'person' as it were. Surely the split will come if at all in their failure to achieve a united unit of Ireland.
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    First off; This State is called Ireland. Not Éire. Not the Free State. Ireland. If you Don't like that, tough.

    Secondly; No, SF in Ireland and SF in the North are not going to split. While I may not agree with much of what party members in the North may be doing, to say there will be a formal split over it is Fantasy worthy of Terry Brooks and Robin Hobb.

    Finally; the person who thought up this thread is a Gowl. And a massive one at that.
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    Another reason why there would never be a North/South split is, that leadership of SF is all Northern Base. Any SF leader from the south is token. The Southern Shinners, look up to the Northern SF, as the bulk of them "fought the war".
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