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    Quote Originally Posted by eoghanacht View Post
    You reopened a five year old thread for that?
    Some people just love that word, it makes one sound intelligent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 32 View Post
    Twice today I came across the provisonals making a reference to the Tan War as the 'War of Independence'.

    Once was in town (Dublin) earlier (OSF were handing out leaflets with this printed on it), the second time was Pearse Doherty speaking on RTE Radio's 'Drivetime' at about 5.40 or so.

    In my time with the provos this term would never have been used. (Then again, in those days the 26 county 'government' was refered to as the Dublin Government, and not the 'Irish Government' as most PSF'ers refer to the State now)

    Is this typical of the general malaise that seems to be creeping in? It's not my intention to start another 'provo bash' thread, but I am curious as to how this laziness is setting in. Is it lack of education? Is it that the provos simply want to see the 26 county state shoved northwards?

    Well 32, has the terminology taken hold, which phrases are more prevalent today. The beauty of, 5 years to incubate and test your concerns.
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