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    You cant stop anyone lying. If you catch them lying, don't vote for them again. Simples. Too many people in this country keep voting for those that have lied to them. Who's yer man over the West who has left a trail of debts to farmers for decades yet they kept voting for him? Apparently he used tell them that if they didn't vote for him he would not pay them what he owed. They should have just not voted for him and take him to court to get their money back.

    Or just beat the sh1t out of him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CptSternn View Post
    Isn't it amazing we have an the Advertising Standards Authority who will fine a business for saying something even slightly misleading, yet politicians are allowed to put up posters, run TV adverts, write news articles, and give speeches chock full of lies and half-truths and thats somehow perfectly acceptable.

    I mean, I remember during the last election Timmy Dooley said on the radio that the 24 hour A&E in Ennis was his top priority, that it would not be shutting down, and said if they do shut it down he would immediately step down if we was elected.

    Well he was elected, he voted in support to close the 24 hour A&E and then when asked again on the same radio show a few days later his response was 'sure, no one took me seriously when I said that, it was a joke'.

    I think any politician who does anything resembling that should be immediately recalled and be hit with massive fines from the Advertising Standards Authority as any business who engaged in such behaviour would be hit with serious sanctions. Yet our politicians are able to lie directly to the public before an election, then do the direct opposite after elected and we the good citizens of this country are stuck waiting for another election cycle to try and rid ourselves of such lying scumbags.
    It's a bit of a shock when you take the red pill and finally wake up
    and realise how your dystopian prison planet system of control really works.
    Isn't it?

    Democracy my hole!

    Servants of capital elected on the basis of deliberate lies without the possibility of
    recall for 5 years in which they can do whatever they like with our country's laws, it's finances and it's public assets, not to mention screwing over the irrelevant non voting poor as much as they please to pay for those tax breaks for the rich and supporting ugly wars of empire (as our proxy voices) which kill millions of irrelevant "unpeople" for profit.

    Yet we keep engaging with this same process over and over, expecting different results.
    That conforms to insanity as defined by Albert Einstein.

    We need to make our politicians fear the people once again. They have clearly lost that healthy fear and with it's loss has come a deep contempt for the ordinary people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Watcher2 View Post

    Who's yer man over the West who has left a trail of debts to farmers for decades yet they kept voting for him? Apparently he used tell them that if they didn't vote for him he would not pay them what he owed. They should have just not voted for him and take him to court to get their money back.

    Or just beat the sh1t out of him.
    His name is John Ellis. Former FF TD for Sligo-Leitrim.

    Seemingly, he did his best to repay all of the farmers who were living in his constituency, but didn't pay the others!
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    Quote Originally Posted by antiestablishmentarian View Post
    This and previous governments have used spin, propoganda, lies and fearmongering to manipulate the electorate and get themselves voted into power. Anyone with a brain will remember Leo Varadkar's 'not another red cent to failed banks' spiel and Gilmore's 'Labour's way or Frankfurt's way' speeches. Of course Fianna Fáil lied and too numerous times and got elected for it, so the question remains, how can politicians and their lackeys like the party hacks who troll this and similar forums be prevented from using dishonest methods to get into power?

    There is one method that could be used to keep them on the straight and narrow: fear. A bill which introduced the concept of lying to be elected to political office as electoral fraud, be it to a county council or the Oireachtas, could do the trick. Those who are elected to public office and,like the current and previous government, implement policies the opposite of those they were elected to carry out, should face a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years, with no parole eligibilty for 12 years and their civil rights, citizenship and passport stripped from them upon release.
    The ignorance, apathy, gullibility and fecklessness of a large part of the public make a politician's job extremely difficult.

    One of Ireland's ablest politicians, Taoiseach Sean Lemass, who was responsible for the profound economic modernisation programme in 1958, joked that election promises should immediately be dumped on winning an election.

    Factors that make democratic voting work reasonably well are the floating voters whose swing voting tends to be based on thoughful consideration of issues; the change in living standards of the public which influence voting, rewarding or punishing the government for economic management;and the fact that votes showing poor judgement tend to be offsetting.

    Public cynicism towards politics is based on a misunderstanding of the role of democratic politicians. To make government work, they are forced to make political compromises, often highly undesirable ones to placate vested interests in business,professions and public sector unions.If they were idealistic and always acted in the public interest, the vested interests would ensure they would lose the next election. My own understanding of the broker style role of politicians came from reading the brilliant book "In defence of politics" by Bernard Crick

    Countries get in trouble when extravagant and populist governments create financial crises, often by spending more than can be afforded on good social causes, not necessarily on wasteful projects and white elephants. When such a government loses an election because of the economic crisis it created, the succesor government has to face unpopularity and accusations of stinginess as it tries to balance the books and avoid national insolvency. In the UK for instance, Labour governments have always left office leaving big government deficits behind for the so called nasty Tories to fix.
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