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    Quote Originally Posted by borntorum View Post
    Anyone who uses terms like 'libtard', 'feminazi' or 'zionazi' is an idiot who automatically renders themselves unworthy of serious consideration
    What labels are we allowed to use?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ratio Et Fides View Post
    You are going back on ignore Malcom [1] - Peguy lived and died a Socialist but he was also a Catholic for a significant proportion of his life and died as such [2]. Alain De Benoist has made it clear that Charles Peguy is his greatest hero. It might do you some good to read the primary sources as opposed to Anglosphere slanders on Alain De Benoist [3]. You characterization of Leon Bloy is absurd [4]. The French Nouvelle Droite by the way was not Fascist [5] and like the German Revolutionary Conservative [6] current of the inter-war years was a very diverse phenomena.
    [1] Wow! I'm hurt. If you lay out your wares, expect to have them checked over.

    [2] Péguy died, September 1914, at the opening of the Battle of the Marne, aged 41. He had been a sincere Romanist for only the final six years of his life: does that qualify as "a significant proportion"? He joined the Parti socialiste in 1895, and was the prime contributor and editor of the party journal for donkeys' yonks. Do the math.

    [3] "Anglosphere slanders on Alain De Benoist"? Bar-On is Israeli-born, Canadian by education and naturalisation. Both his almae matres are bilingual. And a critical study is not a slander.

    [4] Why? Bloy assumed his personal hatreds were also the divine will. He alienated the whole pantheon of contemporary French literature by his bigotry: check it out. Was his devotion to the apparition of La Salette-Fallavaux, his contempt for the rival of Lourdes, and his belief that somewhere in there was a warning of the latter days, not "mysticism"? As for being a "toucher", he was widely termed le mendiant ingrat. What did I omit or twist?

    [5] All of my posts in this thread have been directed to unravelling "alt-right" from the terms "fascist" or "neo-nazi". The problem is, every attempt to define "alt-right" otherwise leads back to alt-right personages self-describing as "fascist". When de Benoist declares the present era as being the "interregnum" between Pétain's Régime de Vichy and a fascist post-republican future France, it must mean something.

    [6] Oh, come on! The first "Conservative Revolutionary", as invented and defined by Thomas Mann, was Nietzsche. Whatever one makes of Nietzsche's own work, there can be no question — as it was re-drafted by his sister Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche — it anticipated Nazism. The Conservative Revolutionaries (Edgar Jung and co.) were the intellectual channel which led to Nazism: indeed, their main difference with the NSDAP (to which many, if not most, latter adhered) was contempt for the social origins of the leading Nazis. If "proving" the ND were not full-blown Nazis, it helps your argument not very much.

    Finally, congratulations or replacing that singularly-inappropriate avatar. Did you know who she was?
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    Fintan seems misguided or blinded to say the least with regard to 2 main points upon which he bases his arguments against the so called Alt-Right.

    Firstly, he uses the Nazi label so as to dismiss what they’re about. There’s no doubt that there’s a racist element in that movement but I think it’s safe to assume it’s only a minor element. How does that compare to a socio/economic order with its associated cultural influences that results in the suicides of 500 a year in Ireland, 90% of whom are male, or the massive self-culling that mostly afflicts males through addiction? Withstanding Fintan’s excellent work on corruption, he’s comfortable with aspects of our society that seem to give him a cosy life but creates hell for far too many. It’s hardly a stretch to say that prevailing ethos, attitudes, cultural desert or whatever that controls contemporary discourse has been having a Nazi-like impact on far too many lives, an order that Fintan is fighting to defend. Is it much different to rounding up 500 people in cattle trucks each year? Only in distance and I don't mean geographical?

    Secondly, he posits that what’s driving the alt-right movement is sexual dysfunction. TBH, it would be difficult for the vast majority of people not to feel sexually dysfunctional in our internet porn era. Young people are seemingly disgusted when shown pictures of real bodies. Wait until the 3d goggleboxes become prevalent, it could further do away with sex with real people. If this is a driving force for a movement, is that not better than sitting in one’s office like a eunuch?

    We don’t know what will result from the alt-right but Trump I hazard a guess is a useful idiot on the way to something better. I hope.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mercurial View Post
    But only one of those "sides" have created terms that are insulting to people with disabilities.
    I personally prefer the term "surrender monkeys" although I in no way intend to insult the haplorhine primates who are intelligent and impressive animals.
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    People with sexual dysfuntion issues, who are on the internet, have a wide range of porn sites to select.

    Call that the free market if you like. It is like people with eating dysfunction needing junk food.

    Or people with reality issues going to the pub or the off-licence.

    Fintan O'Fool's theory, is nonsense.
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    Fourth, there is the sexual pathology. Fascism reeks of male self-pity. It has always been deeply attractive to men who are insecure about their own sexuality and in particular their relationships to women. It is a magic formula for transforming the sexual neurotic into a man-god. The alt-right world is a masturbatory fantasy in which men who are afraid of women get to assert absolute power over them.
    The Strange, Strange Story of the Gay Fascists | The Huffington Post

    Just sayin'
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    Self-hating, suffering from internalised homophobia, I'm sure Mercurial would tell you...
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    Poor Fintan

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    Quote Originally Posted by talkingshop View Post
    Self-hating, suffering from internalised homophobia, I'm sure Mercurial would tell you...
    No actually the SA were very much "out", also there was this weird National Revolutionary/Third Positionist movement in Germany in the 1980s and 1990s that had this weird idolization of male homosexuality thing going on. The Japanese Revolutionary Conservative novelist who actually attempted a coup Yuiko Mishma was very openly and proudly homosexual. "Internalized homophobia" doesn't come into play in a lot of these cases.
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