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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsReasonable View Post
    Wagner was the greatest, end of discussion (IMHO) but I wouldn't agree that Wagner has been overlooked. There are ring cycles all over the world every year, even though it's a monumental task to stage it. To wit, Wagner's ring has never been put on in Ireland because it is simply too big for a small country.

    You also say you agree with his political outlook. Fair play to you for figuring that out. He can be quite contradictory in places.

    He was also notoriously selfish. An acquaintance once said to him:

    ' You borrow money from people, treat them dismissively and sleep with their wives', to which Wagner replied: ' What else are friends for?'

    Another brilliant political piece of classical is Shostakovich's 11th which he wrote to celebrate 50 years of the revolution. I'm no commie but that symphony is mind-blowing. Shostakovich was also an admirer of Wagner if I remember correctly.
    Interesting, I didn't know that.
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    Loved Roger Waters new album this year.
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    Punk is right wing
    Johnny Ramone
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    Singer & song-writer: Christy Moore
    Producer: Leo Pearson
    Song: Urgency Culture
    Album: Traveller
    Recommended? 100%
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