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    All Praise and Hail his Excellency the Lord High and Mighty EU SPECIAL Envoy to the peace process and the Colombian Drug producers Cartel. With Special Cat friend.

    All Bow and give Praise.

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    Frame that picture, the curs who sell out unionised Labour at every chance-OBU.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Congalltee View Post
    What's wrong with die-hard Labour supporters?

    Whatever about not being able to take a beating, the ones I have read seem to think:-
    - the electorate were ungrateful for their "achievements" (including allowing the Irish people take part in a referendum).
    - they are entitled to not be part of the next government (while lecturing other parties about their duty)
    - they don't see anything wrong with a left wing party (which they see themselves as) voting in the Dail to re-elect a Christian Democratic leader.
    - none of their new TDs were re-elected and they've been left with the sad seven survivors, but they still see themselves as progressive.
    - many seem to want to boycott the 1916 commemoration and don't see themselves as republican in any way (not Irish Republican but actually valuing being in a republic and what is should stand for).

    Is the party too middle class?
    Has the trade union money blinded them to danger of careerists like David Begg, rather than the needs of trade union members (and those who wish they could have the benefit of such representation eg zero hour contractors, casualisation of workforce).
    Are they too close to the obnoxious crew in Fine Gael?
    Arrogance a la Alan Kelly?
    The reverse takeover with Gilmore/Rabbite not even standing after forcing the young TDs to stick with their pension enchanting programme for government?
    A complacency after Michael D's election (and thank tweet for that)

    Just what is wrong with them?
    - Arrogance about their actions in power and the legacy of their consequences
    - Pulling the old "sideline hurling" argument out after doing the sidelining
    - The Mullingar Accord and questions about their viability as non-poodles in future
    - The Dermot Laceys of the world not being reined in
    - AK47 focusing on craft beer instead of homelessness
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