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    Quote Originally Posted by paddycomeback View Post
    I wonder what the situation would be if a UK man groomed a 16 year old RoI girl online, then got her to cross into NI to have sex.
    She would be below age of consent here, yet it would be legal in UK.
    Would that be grooming in Ireland, in UK, nowhere, both?
    I recall when I was in secondary school that polls showed 40% lost their virginity at age 16. Recent polls show it's now more like 18. I don't think 16 is the same as 12 or 13. In the UK relationships between adult men and 16 yr olds have always been controversial, but they are legal. I personally think given Ireland is unusually conservative in our aoc policy (compared to western Europe), that it makes sense to have an aoc of 16. Otherwise we will see problems of people being criminals on one side of the border, while being law abiding on the other side for doing the same thing.

    I would also remind you that an Oireachtas committee recommended an age of consent of 16 years ago.
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    His baah-sterred was just missing Fenian proceeding it. Ex-squaddie I'd say.
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