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    Quote Originally Posted by Éireann_Ascendant View Post
    Of course, the very Catholic monarchy of France was quite happy doing side deals with the Sultan to stab their also very Catholic Hapsburg rivals in the back whenever it suited it.
    And while France was successful and actively fought alongside the Ottomans at some points (Tunis in 1535, for example), it was not alone in its desires. During the First Italian War the Papacy and the Kingdom of Naples entered into negotiations with the Ottomans for help against Charles VIII of France. That is to say, the Papacy and the Kingdom of Naples actively sought to bring the Ottomans into the First Italian War on their side in some capacity. When the Holy League of 1495 (an alliance against the French which included Spain, the Holy Roman Empire, England and many others) the Ottoman sultan had an envoy present who acted as an observer of sorts. Such a presence is interesting and indicative of a benevolent perception of the Ottomans.

    The Franco-Ottoman alliance is interesting in light of what Francis I is supposed to have remarked about the Ottomans to the Venetian ambassador in 1532. Namely, that he saw the Ottomans as the only force capable of protecting European states against the potential hegemony of Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (and king of Spain etcetera). What one sees perhaps more than anything else in the above is local powers drawing a strong power from outside of their region into their conflicts to balance against potential hegemony by one power of their region. The Papacy & Naples (and their allies) seem to have sought to bring the Ottomans in to balance the threat of French hegemony in Italy. Later, with the Habsburgs ascendant, the French sought to draw in the Ottomans against potential Habsburg hegemony in Europe, so too perhaps others.

    Good old European balance of power politics at work, more than any real affinity really.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Volatire View Post

    Notice that 1571 Holy League countries have low Muslim populations even today.
    The only surprise on that map (from an historical perspective) is Austria with 7% Muslim population.

    All of the other countries are former allies of the Ottomans, had extensive North African colonies, or are of an Islamophile Calvinist/Lutheran persuasion.
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