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    Local Government Reform

    A central tenet of the green platform... and yet NO White paper??

    Saw this in the times....Local government - The Irish Times - Mon, Sep 13, 2010

    This is suggesting that local gov reform is being driven by FF??

    I admit I know little in this area..but thought it might spark an informed...( )....debate..(or maybe not...)
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    hi spidermom

    The renewed programme for government 2009 states...
    Local Government Reform
    We will start on a far reaching reform of local government in Ireland which will
    strengthen the strategic role and function of regional authorities in planning, transport,
    water and waste management.
    The authorities shall be based on areas which reflect the gateways in the National
    Spatial Strategy, have democratic leadership and play a critical role in establishing
    and coordinating the new planning regime.
    The full implementation of these reforms will not be possible within the lifetime of
    this Government, but the process of change will start with the publication of the
    White Paper on Local Government Reform which will be followed by an extensive
    consultation process.
    Staff levels have been reduced from 37,000 to 32,000 since mid 2008. Pay has been cut. Expenses have been reduced such as the mileage allowances. Local candidates have had maximum expenditure rules for local elections introduced.

    Local Government Efficiency Review Group is here:,23533,en.pdf

    Green paper on local government reform is here:,17134,en.pdf

    Legislation for new dublin mayor to be introduced around the end of this year.

    The new planning act passed this year alters the powers of local government in respect of planning and zoning.

    The funding of local government will be transformed by the introduction of water charges and property taxes. To facilitate these taxes, water meters are being rolled out and the national property price database is due to go live in the autumn.
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