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Even the most hardened of deluded anti Trumpers must now admit this man is the standout President of the modern era. What he has achieved thus far by firstly getting Kim Un Fat to the table and then getting a signed agreement on denuclearisation is quite frankly stunning.


This must be hitting the anti Trumpers hard as they would have rather seen a nuclear war than see a massive victory for President Trump and indeed our planet. It must be like a funeral service on CNN today it's just a pity i kicked my Sky TV subs into touch as i won't have the pleasure of watching it

We now have a genuine candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize unlike that fraud "Talk show Obama".

This is a wonderful day. Go outside, go for a walk, rejoice, breath in the fresh air.

Thank you President Trump.
I think the OP-er might like to re-think the thread title.

The last person to use the phrase "Peace in our Time" was this guy:

"I have here a piece of paper signed by the Fuehrer ..... "