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    Quote Originally Posted by ruserious View Post
    In recent years, both houses of the Oireachtas have voted to call on the government to recognise Palestine as a State. In 2011, Ireland gave diplomatic status to the Palestinian representation in Dublin, yet the State has not gone the full mile in recognising Palestine outright.

    Many EU countries such as Sweden and Poland recognise Palestine.

    Given that there is seemingly large support for Irish recognition of Palestine, both within the Oireachtas and society at large, why has this been unforthcoming?
    When you say Ireland - do you mean Ireland or just the 'Southern Ireland' State?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RasherHash View Post
    Israhell apartheid in action

    I'd like to see him walk into an ISIS controlled zone and be the big tough guy shoving his phone into peoples faces and accusing them of being racist. In fact, I here and now publically volunteer to pay for his trip and his iphone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkhorse View Post
    Nothing compared with the 70 year war palestinians are engaged with against Israel
    Yeah that's it. All one way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lúidín View Post
    That guy Robert Martin has real courage.
    Not really - real courage would be going to the other side of the wall and asking the people there why they elected Hamas.
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