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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Mr Grouser View Post
    Breaking News

    Russia's defence ministry says it has used a base in western Iran to carry out air strikes in Syria.

    Syrian conflict: Russian bombers use Iran base for air strikes - BBC News
    The Iranian clerics weren't too happy about Putin shooting his mouth off about that!

    Russian attempts to turn that cooperation into a public relations opportunity completely rubbed the Iranians up the wrong way, who in the same way as they do everything (covertly and under the radar), wanted that arrangement to be kept secret...

    Story here for those who missed it -

    NYT | Iran Revokes Russia’s Use of Air Base, Saying Moscow ‘Betrayed Trust’

    Btw the above is just another one of Putin's many ************************ ups... All this talk about how smart and brilliant he is, and running rings around the "dunces" in the Western governments... well, a lot of that seems to be just a blowing of one's own trumpet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Mr Grouser View Post
    Russia is concerned for the security of its own part of the world.

    From our European perspective Syria is on the Mediterranean, but it's also in Asia; and in some regards it's also in 'The Greater Black Sea Region' and 'The Three Seas Region' (that's the region in between the Mediterranean, Black and Caspian Seas).

    What happens in Syria can have consequences in the Caucasasus.

    Syria and several other Middle Eastern States only came into existence because of the Sykes-Picot Agreement; and that carve-up had started off in 1915 as the Constantinople Agreement which gave Constantinople and the Dardanelles to Russia.
    Russia and Egypt have has reached a preliminary agreement to allow their military aircraft to use each others airspace and . Here's the New York Times's report, In Snub to U.S., Russia and Egypt Move Toward Deal on Air Bases

    You'll see that the NYT is blaming this on Trump but I'd say that it's more a consequence of the destabilation of Syria and Libya, and that was the work of Obama and Hillary.

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