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    kate1001 kate1001 is offline

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    Folks give credit where credit is due it was an excellent speech by Enda. Anyone that says different is hiding behind a poster.
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    Things are quietening down, the thread is returning to relative sanity, the mass hysteria has passed without any reports of miracles attributable to St. Enda. Good old cynicism reigns again and it suddenly looks most attractive.
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    H.R. Haldeman H.R. Haldeman is offline
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ringsend Charlie View Post
    Kenny did fine. Just imagine if Cowen had been up there, the nation hoping that he wouldn't fall in a heap or piss his pants while trying to sing a song. Mary Coughlan throwing f's at Michelle Obama, and Bertie Ahern asking for a personal dig out or residency in America in case there is too much heat in Ireland in a few years times. While I don't feel comfortable defending Kenny, he certainly did fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kate1001 View Post
    Folks give credit where credit is due it was an excellent speech by Enda. Anyone that says different is hiding behind a poster.
    The speech was ok but the only way I can describe it is Enda lost the run of himself and even Obama seemed to convey this with his stifled laughs- but still he was a million times better than Cowen would have been.
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    punchdrunk punchdrunk is offline

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    Quote Originally Posted by mangaire1 View Post
    "a typical Shinner" ???
    who's the "typical Shinner" ???
    me ??
    ah no - i'm not a Shunnser - typical or untypical
    i'm not a member of any political party.

    i don't know whether or not you're a 'typical' or 'untypical' Blueshirt
    you just sound like a Gorm Dearg guy.
    & i'm happy that i made you laugh.
    Read your posts. Your political leanings are obvious. The Blueshirts went out of existence around 1936. Even the BROY HARRIERS are gone. You are living in a historical time warp like the FF and Shinner posters here.
    This is 2011.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loner View Post
    What a very enlightened comment----contributions like this are driving many posters away from this site--wonder what the moderators are doing?
    I am one of those being driven away. There are far too many posters or trolls who don't seem to be able to abandon teenage levels of thinking about Irish Politics. A sad reflection on why we are where we are now.
    Far too easy to emigrate or post gibberish in the so-called protection of anonymity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Norman Bates View Post
    Never thought Kenny had it in him. Maybe I did make a mistake about him. Hasn't really put a foot wrong so far. Well done Enda [ps I won't call you Edna any more].
    I was shocked as Kenny was so upbeat and outspoken. He spoke really well.
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    plantfirmly plantfirmly is offline

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    818 put up Obama's speech but not Kenny's. Oh my days
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    Gargoyle Gargoyle is offline

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    Apr 2011

    I have to say he did a great job. I wouldn't be a FG supporter but I always felt that given the chance Kenny would have potential to be good but at the same time if you really want to judge him come back to this issue in two or three years time. Remember at one stage Bertie was one of our most popular Taoiseachs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by punchdrunk View Post
    Shinner living back in the 1930s. This is 2011. You made asses of yourselves last week by not attending functions for the Queen.
    Maybe you should look at the vicious sectarian campaign waged on this island by the PROVOS before you lecture others.
    BOO HOO !!!
    looks like i hit a raw nerve
    i had thought you were a proud Blueshirt guy
    & that you would have loved the historical comparison of Kenny with a proud Blueshirt guy of an earlier generation
    & his gallant band
    who fought with such distinction for freedom, with ol Franco in Spain.

    i didn't realise that you hate to remember those heroes of yesteryear
    my oh my
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