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    The Shannonside radio interview with the Pakistani highlighted one thing anyway, which is Ballaghaderreen's large Pakistani community. He mentioned 250 people worshipping in a room in a house ( because there's no mosque ).

    The real figure is north of that. Over four hundred I would estimate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Upper Chamber View Post
    Calls for Roscommon council to build mosque

    Apparently councils should now build places of worship. I want a pasta temple.
    Kids today would prefer a Jedi Knight Temple, Disney have the rights (like the Vatican) and hey ! ,, branding works when there are sheep looking for fodder,,

    I get the irony (or is it a message?? now that would be weird) that the Christian faith uses the sheep (docile, fairly stupid animals) a lot, lamb, flock, shepherd, Saint Patrick a shepherd etc,,

    Makes you think that for a radical, socialist/responsible capitalist Jesus may have been sending a message about sheep?

    That is , don't be one, be a radical, be a fooking anti-establishment pain,

    Then again there is a little fat rabid goat fooker running Turkey,
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