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    Quote Originally Posted by Spanner Island View Post
    Is this it?

    God knows the existing yoke is dreadful and won't be missed... but the thought of SIPTU w*nkers looking down on everyone from anywhere is nauseating...

    No doubt some of the pro-Mater obsessives will use this as another bogus reason for reversing the right decision made by An Bord Pleanala regarding the proposed Mater Monolith....
    I think it is a fitting monument, to the Celtic Tiger and the HSE / Siptu's slush funds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonewolfe View Post
    They're overpaid and this high rise building (ego project) is an illustration of how out of touch they are. Forget the third world for a moment, what are these guys collecting union fees for? They do very little for workers in Ireland - if anything.
    And you actually KNOW they are overpaid??? How? As far as I am aware, trade union officials are paid fairly modestly. Presumably the top layer of union management are more highly paid than branch officials, as would be normal in all organisations, but I doubt if they are paid as much as IBEC top management or the top manangement of large employers.
    "They do very little for the workers of Ireland" Their role is to represent their members in negotiation with employers on wages, conditions, disciplinary issues, redundancy etc. At a time of recession and very high unemployment like now, employers have considerably greater power than have individual employees and trade unions can help redress this unfair imbalance. Sometimes even unions cannot win (e.g. Vita Cortex) but any employee is safer being in a union than not.
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