View Poll Results: For whom would you vote in the first round of the French presidential election?

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  • François Fillon

    18 12.77%
  • Benoît Hamon

    1 0.71%
  • Marine Le Pen

    65 46.10%
  • Emmanuel Macron

    42 29.79%
  • Jean-Luc Mélenchon

    10 7.09%
  • Other

    5 3.55%
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    Quote Originally Posted by shiel View Post
    It is indeed amazing that the UK and Russia will have an interest in breaking up the EU.

    It is amazing that both are in fact supporting the racist fascist Marine Le Pen in France.

    The EU is giving it's own citizens the greatest interest in breaking up the EU.
    If every EU country had a referendum, the UK would not be the only one leaving.

    Those in charge need to cop themselves on.
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    Marine Le Pen is expected to abandon her campaign for France to leave the European Union and bring back the franc, following her failed presidential bid against Emmanuel Macron.


    Both leaving the European Union and the euro were key policies set out by Ms Le Pen, despite a poll conducted just months ahead of the election showing that 72 per cent of French voters were against abandoning the euro.
    Marine Le Pen to abandon

    Well, well, well. How now brown cow. It seems Le Vache Qui Dit is about to abandon her poorly judged Frexit policy. Lots of Europhobes left with their derrieres out the window. Looks like Johnny-No-Mates Hard Brexitrons will soon only have the shoulders of Trump and Kaczinski to cry on.
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