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    Quote Originally Posted by gleeful View Post
    The biggest issue here is the problems caused by turning students into customers. I worked in the UK university sector around the time that fees came in - there was a dramatic drop in standards. The philosophy of "the customer is always right" doesn't work well when the customer is also the student.
    It has caused grade inflation in the US. You don't pay top dollar for Ds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hurling_lad View Post
    We might have the seventh-highest fees, but we have the fifth-highest proportion of people with a 3rd level education among OECD countries, so the system seems to be working.
    Quantity does not equal quality and the quality of the students & degree courses being offered is deteriorating and has been for a while imo
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    Having expensive Third level is one thing.

    Having morons for lecturers is another.

    And then there is Belfield.

    The Denis O'Brien Centre for Science. [ Obviously, taxation, competition policy, and ethics did want special buildings]. WTF ???

    The Sutherland Centre for Law [ Did he not also manage an appearance in a Tribunal ? ]

    And the Smurfit Centre of Business [ presumably if your business is a success you can do your bit for the country that provided your firms with grant assistance, by moving your tax residency to Monaco ].

    What is going on in Belfield ?

    Apart from "educating" Cowen, Seanie Fitz, Patrick Neary, and much of the boards of the banks......
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