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    Now, as you all know, I'm as big-hearted as the next lad. This headline sounded like a happy story:

    Planned eviction of couple and two children from five-bed home postponed at last-minute -

    So far so good. I like happy stories. Family home saved. But then I make the elementary mistake of reading the article and spraying my cornflakes hither and yon:

    The court heard that the couple borrowed €2,839,000 from the bank in November 2006 and the debt had been secured by mortgage over their principal private residence in Dunnstown.

    Judge Haughton, in sworn affidavits from the bank, was told that the couple had defaulted on repayments and now owed the bank €3,165,479 which included arrears of €1.307,000. The last payment on the mortgage had been €2,200 in June 2010.
    Geezerdom has its benefits. I now realize it's the same case I got enraged about a few weeks ago. Still, I think it's worth two tantrums - how could anybody go in with a straight face to court and demand they stay another few years free of charge?
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    Judges are the soul of our legal system, and that is why Seanie is Innocent, the banks are free to harass and extort from families and are immune to supervision.

    A touch of Lenin needed.
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