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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatsReasonable View Post
    I still say 'hole in the wall' just to confuse the snowflakes
    Which may be more interesting than the original point.

    As I rush towards the end of my extended life, I repeatedly find myself faced with such vocabulary issues.

    Consider how many iterations there have been since "phonograph" in 1877. I reckon the usual name for recorded and reproduced sound changes about every five years.

    When I still taught, I would play such word-list games with my students, knowing they would be ahead of me. After all, neologisms (OK: new words) are most likely to be invented — or adapted — by those in their teens.

    The ATM already has acquired multiple names. If we are moving to "tap-in" cards, and plastic, it may already be obsolescent.

    Now let's consider those of a certain age (i.e. antiques like me) who actually like to do business — especially money business — with real faces. Meanwhile, it seems the local village loses, in rapid succession, its parish church and chapel, its bus services, its local school, its bars and pubs, its local bank ... and any semblance of community.
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    Both Ulster Banks in the villages near me have closed in the last two years so no ATMs either. AIB atms are only for their own customers inside the bank, so there is just the BOI atm left. I now have to pay cheques in through the Post Office or drive half an hour to my nearest UB. It's a complete farce. Bank charges every month and no access to one.
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    Will stop the bucket charity collections anyway. In time surely. And cash tips and so on.

    And the buskers, and anything else you can think of cash wise.

    In fairness I find the "tap" thing invaluable. It is just so easy and can be used for tiny amounts too. That is the reality now. Contactless. Yep.
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    One of the oddest paradoxes in the advanced world is the enduring preference the Germans have for cash transactions over cards. Various explanations have been offered for this but I suspect the best one is that cash gives the individual better budget control and the discipline cash imposes probably appeals to Germans more than anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Catalpast View Post
    Looks like the ubiquitous ATMs that we are all so familiar with now could go the way of the manual cash register or the Abacus within as little as a decade

    - if the Banks get their way that is

    - and they usually do....

    Must say I would find this pretty inconvenient but my gut feeling is that given the size of Blanchardstown they will probably be around for a while yet

    But people living in remote areas may find that the local shop is the only place they can get cashback

    Surely though retailers will resist this as the extra cash they would have to hold would increase their security risK

    Cashpoints will be replaced with supermarket cashback within five to ten years, under plans being drawn up by Britain's biggest ATM network.
    The idea will see shops told to offer free cash services to members of the public with no requirement for them to buy items first.
    Link claims the amount being withdrawn from cash points will halve over the next decade as consumers move to using credit and debit cards for everyday spending.

    High street cash machines to be replaced by supermarket cashback service within decade
    Paying by cash never has a 'surcharge' while paying by any other method often does.
    And paying by cash doesn't track you, doesn't record your purchase, doesn't bombard you via any connection they have with you, to buy 'stuff'.
    And if you have cash you can always get a taxi/train/bus etc.. But if you need to get somewhere and "Your Bank" suddenly decides you are a risk, your bit of plastic is useless!
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    My first card was a PASS card. Personal Automated Self Service
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    So Dublin Taxi drives might actually have to take credit cards in 2030! Scandalous.
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    I hope they'll stay.I prefer to find out I'm broke in private rather than in front of a queue of supermarket shoppers
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    Big banks are ditching 37 cash machines a week in a bid to boost their profits.
    The biggest four High Street lenders got rid of 1,956 ATMs in the year to October, according to figures leaked to the Mail.
    It comes amid a wave of branch closures, and ferocious lobbying by banks to cut the fees which they pay when their cards are used at independent machines.
    Critics said the data shows banks are abandoning customers in towns and villages, wrecking shopkeepers’ livelihoods and leaving vulnerable people without cash.

    Read more: Big four high street banks ditch 37 cash machines a WEEK | Daily Mail Online
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    Maybe crypto currencies will sideline the banks.
    That would be deliciously ironic.
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