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    Quote Originally Posted by HarshBuzz View Post
    the Indo makes an attempt here
    Over the next 70 years the bill is expected to be around 98bn, instead of the 116bn estimated back in 2009. Changes for new starters and new rules about when retirees can start receiving their pension, have helped achieve that.
    So we have an average annual pension bill of 1.4 billion for the next 70 years? How much are the public sector paying annually into the pot? I assume it is significantly close to that amount?
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    Penny is finally dropping with the mainstream media.

    Irish Times: Chris Johns:
    How your pension may be worthless and nobody is prepared to fix it
    Young Irish people are not being offered the same deal that was granted to their parents

    This person now has a reasonable expectation of being retired for longer than he worked. And he has already received more in pensions than he earned in lifetime salary.
    I pointed this out in 2014 that the cadre of top public sector managers who were retiring at that time were in this situation.

    Sligo County Council - Basket Case

    That's the scandal in that piece. retiring at 57 with 60K per annum for the rest of his life, and a quarter of a mill in the bank. We are a nation of f**king idiots, who get diverted by stupid side-shows like this one. Court cases are won and lost every day of the week.

    It's conceivable that this guy will earn more from his pension by doing nothing than he earned while working (never mind whatever he paid into it).
    The only thing I'd quibble with is using the word 'earn' with respect to that pension. He clearly hasn't earned it in this case
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