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    This topic is already being discussed here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by youngdan
    You can relax Insider. The Chinese threatened their nuclear option 2 weeks ago and 2 carrier fleets have departed and are returning home. If you wooried about the next war then Syria and Israel are set to go.
    Do you have a link to that nuclear threat?

    But even if it's true, it won't make a huge difference. The Americans are pursuing a strategy of provocation. They're poking the Iranians hoping that they react, and if they do, then they will claim Causus Beli and they would call the chinese bluff.

    (do you seriously believe the chinese would actually nuke america to defend Iran?)
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    Sorry for not being a bit more clear on that Akrasia. The so called nuclear option is the name given to the Chinese threat to sell it's dollar denominated assets totaling 1.2 trillion. This would destroy the value of the dollar and remove it as the world reserve currency. At the moment the dollar is in danger of going below 80 on the dollar index. During the present financial turmoil the US needed to add monstrous liquidity, but the fragility of the dollar was a problem. So first the Europeans pumped 300 billion which weakened the Euro from 1.385 to 1.34. Then when the Fed acted the dollar weakened back without breakink support. The end of this I believe is when the US repudiates it's offshore liabilities and back it's domestic dollars with gold. This will be a historic shaft for the Chinese and foolish Europeans who have sold most of their central bank gold
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