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    Quote Originally Posted by john123 View Post
    15 years of strong growth for ireland i think this will happen first.
    1- Kilkenny will win the all ireland football title in 2014
    2- Brian Cowen will sign a professional football contract with real madrid
    3- David Norris will become a father and marry a 22 year old female model
    4- Declan ganley will back the goverment in a referendum
    5- Roy Keane will be the next liverpool manager
    6- brian O Drisscoll will sign for munster
    7- Paul O connell and leo cullen will anounce they are lovers
    8- ireland will become united and declare Ian Paisley as the founder of the state
    9- a massive hurricane will cause ireland the uk to be touching france
    10- mary harney will marry elton john
    11- Bertie Ahern and enda keeny will declare love for each other
    12- the pope will declare he is a racist
    13- The queen of england will announce that she actually has a irish passport
    14- australia will set up a region called paddyland for alcoholics
    15- Wacko JACKO will perform at croke player but not as singer as a ballerina

    I think you get the point i am trying to make
    why cant you ''believe''

    9 out 10 economists cant be wrong now can they ? can they >?
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    Only 8 more years of strong growth to go.
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    Economists predict 15 more years of strong columnists' wages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommythesash View Post
    Conservatism is not synonymous with social or retrogression.

    Not sure I get your point here?
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